Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2009

These are the top bloggers I nominate for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2009.

In order to write something inspiring, a blogger must have to have passion. These blogs are not just ordinary blogs. These blogs are really inspiring especially to bloggers like me. They are not just pieces of articles on knowledge or work that the bloggers wanted to share but these blogs are part of who they are. Check on my list of blogs. They may inspire you like they did to me.

1. Holly Jahangiri - It's All a Matter of Perspective: Mine

2. Dr. Lorenzo Bernardino - Zorlone

3. Jan Geronimo - Writing to Exhale

4. Roy dela Cruz - The Struggling Blogger

5. Angel Cuala - Fatherbloggerdotcom

6. Kelvin Servigon - Kelvinonian Ideas 2

7. Irene - Lifelots

8. Bing - I Love/Hate America

9. Luke - A Walk in the Dark

10.Dee - Tales from the Mom Side

The blogs I mentioned are really great. Two thumbs up to you all. Keep inspiring people by your blogs. Godbless..

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  1. Hi Aubrey,

    Thanks a lot for nominating my blog WritingToExhale. You're spot, Aubrey. Blogging is all about sharing knowledge and often times fun, too. I'm glad your university has adopted blogging as one of its educational tools.

    Just think of the mother lode of knowledge you can tap into just by blogging alone. And the valuable relationships you'd have with helpful, generous people online.

    Thanks once again and good luck with your studies. ",)

  2. Hi Aubrey. This is to mark your entry as complete and included you in the raffle as well. Hope you can join us this Saturday.

  3. Hi Aubrey!

    Thank you very much for supporting me in the influential blogs contest. I really appreciate it.

    I am also glad to finally meet the group this afternoon. Hope you guys continue to blog even after you graduate.

    See you 'round!

  4. Thanks aubrey for this nomination!


    Little flower by the pond,
    your petals touch the water.
    A soft breeze, swing you away,
    but your roots held on - tighter.

    Girls may take you away,
    in their hair - a decoration.
    A flower by the pond you are,
    print of tender admiration.


  5. Hi, Aubrey. Thanks a lot for the nomination. Really sorry to be late here. Thanks again. :)

    -Luke of A Walk in The Dark
    A Jedi shall not know fear.