Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Poem on Estrogen

by Aubrey Gabral

Estrogen is found in females.
How come some were present in males?
It is found in the ovaries.
A small amount are on the testes.

It plays a role in sperm maturation.
Without it there is no reproduction.
But high levels were indications,
That male might be in bad situations

Women are still the priority,
Because these are seen in puberty.
Levels are high during pregnancy,
Some elevate it by therapy.

It lowers down bad cholesterole.
Which is an advantage for us all.
Levels should be monitored,
Effects of these shouldn't be ignored.


  1. even though it is a poem,
    you explain it really well,

  2. your poem used layman's term words which is a good point also it is a help for a reader to understand it easily.=)

  3. very simple poem,but nice indeed.
    maybe you could play a little more on your poem,,,,

  4. hi there! I think we're partners! mine is progesterone!hihi nice poem..brief but very descriptive.. i think you can still add a little more functions of it.. play with your thoughts..

  5. Short but informative poem. You could add more details if you like.

  6. good poem. i can see you to be a creative poet or a brilliant teacher someday. nice work!

  7. nice poem,,. informative about your topic,,. keep it up..,,,

  8. Aubrey,

    This is brilliant work! Not just the rhyming, but the flow of the lines were poetry in motion.

    I'd agree with your teacher to add some more lines, but, this still worked for me.

    Good job!