Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drug Testing in schools... AGREE or DISAGREE???

When we say drugs, of course we refer to drugs that are being prohibited. Some of these are marijuana, shabu and ecstacy to name a few. For me, schools and universities should screen or have their students and employees tested for drug use. The school is a place for students to learn things that will help them learn more than what they can learn in the world outside school. So everything should be in place for the student's proper growth.

When a person is under the influence of drugs, he has this feeling of well- being. Some say that it's like you own the world and that problems are being lost. The truth is, problems are still there. They were never lost. You may forget them momentarily but when the effect of drug is lost, you'll think of those problems again and then you'll take another drug so as to forget those problems again "momentarily". These drugs are not the solution to problems. Some say that these drugs are a way of "escaping" the problems, as well as the feelings felt whenever the user thought of their problems. But if a person always escape with his problems, he is stagnant. Because the solutions to these problems are not met. Problems are not really solved which will eventually lead to another problem, resulting to a worse scenario.

Through random drug testing, the use of prohibited drugs will be lessened. The school will be more conducive for student's learning and will learn more. On the otherhand, those who had used prohibited drugs may be subjected to counseling and the like so as for them to understand better what will be the drug's effects if further used.


  1. I like the way you presented the topic. Give examples first then sum it up with a punch.


    I kept mixing your name with the other girls wearing pink, but I think I can spot you from a crowd. Uhm, maybe in a few more weeks and I should take lots of brain Vitamins. LOL